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We provide Legal Services and Consultancy

Located in Thessaloniki, serving Greece.

Elissavet Charizani lawyer knows very well the needs of the foreigners and is handy with taking on the most challenging cases. Ηaving a deep understanding of international, european and greek law and legislation she is able to provide high quality services with empathy for the needs of foreigners.

Elissavet is dedicated to delivering personalized legal services and solutions depending on the needs of each case with a strong focus on professionalism and client satisfaction.

Whether you are seeking representation in an immigration matter, need guidance with a family issue, or have any other legal concerns, we are here to help. Let me put my expertise to work for you!

Do you need legal assistance with your case?

Immigration lawyer in Greece

Experienced professional in Greek and English is ready to assist you.

Get help from the expert Lawyer.

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Services - Νομικές υπηρεσίες - Υπεύθυνη Συμβουλευτική 

Οι νομικές υπηρεσίες μας αφορούν όλο το φάσμα του δικαίου. Η εκπροσώπηση αφορά ιδίως σε υποθέσεις διοικητικού δικαίου, οικογενειακού δικαίου, ποινικού δικαίου και θέματα αλλοδαπών, μετανάστευσης, ασύλου και προσφύγων.

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