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Our Legal Aid services for asylum seekers

Asylum in Greece /Asylum seeking in Greece



Αre you an asylum seeker in Greece looking for legal help; The lawyer will help you understand the asylum procedure in Greece.

We can assist you with the entire asylum procedure in Greece step by step. We provide high level legal assistance from start to finish.

How can the lawyer help you?

We will inform you about the asylum procedure in Greece, study your case, then explain in a simple, clear and understandable way your rights and the legislation applicable to your case and the steps to register with the Greek Asylum Service.

The lawyer is able to prepare you for the demanding interview process (Asylum Interview, RSD Interview) conducted at the Greek Asylum Service in order to determine whether you meet the requirements for international protection.

Asylum seekers have the right to consult a lawyer on matters relating to their application. 

If you need help with your asylum application, we are here to give you legal assistance and legal representation at every stage of the asylum process.
At Elissavet Charizani Law Office we will guide you through the application for international protection, registering your application, explaining your rights.
"It is very important that you are fully informed and prepared for your registration and/or interview to fully set out your reasons for applying for international protection".  

In case your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal to the Independent Appeal Authority. 
In the event that the Independent Appeal Authority issues a negative decision, you have the right to lodge an application for annulment with the competent Administrative Court of First Instance.

The lawyer can help you with the: 

  • the application for family reunification procedure (Dublin Regulation, recognized refugees)

  • help with the application for asylum before the Greek Asylum Service/international protection application/registration with Greek Asylum Service/book online appointments before the Greek authorities

  • representation/drafting of legal memos/applications/submission of required documents/legal consultation and advice

  • lodging an appeal/monitoring of the case/representation/drafting of a memorandum/residence application

  • bringing an application for annulment before the competent Administrative Court of First Instance/monitoring the progress of the case/legal representation

  • help with the residence permit/appointments/documents

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Refugee Legal Helpdesk

How can we help?

WhatsApp: +30 698 25000 43 


Our law office has great experience in family reunification cases (Dublin Procedure and family reunification of beneficiaries of international protection).

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